queenstown new zealand

"I woke up and I really did not want to go to work. So I decided to spontaneously book a flight to New Zealand for 24 hours."

Aussie Gold Coast Lad Matthew Phillip woke up at 3:00am one morning and decided that instead of going to work, he would "pop over" to Queenstown for 24 hours. Matthew called in sick and booked himself on the next flight to Queenstown. His "stunt" reflects Queenstown Tourism's campaign urging Aussies to take a sick stow away.

As an avid filmmaker, Matthew filmed his "day in Queenstown..." and it looks pretty epic! Bungy Jump, Luging, sightseeing and Dolphin watching. He announced on Instagram that his time in New Zealand, although short, "was a momentous, thrilling and somewhat magical time that I will soon not forget." And by the looks of his epic video - we don't doubt that for a second!