travel with a mate

So you're planning on travelling overseas with a friend? They say the ultimate friendship test is travel. Here are a few tips that should prepare you and your best bud for the trip of a lifetime. 

1. Have 'the talk' before you leave

As free spirited as you both may be - it is essential to know exactly what the each of you are hoping to achieve from your trip - whether it be Partying, Adventure, Hiking, Chilling on the Beach or seeing the main attractions. You may have different MUST DOS on the Bucket List, and having the talk before departing will prepare the both of  you to be open to compromise your travel plans.

2. Be Cool with Time Apart

We've all been in those situations where you just need an hour or so away from your best mate - time to chill out, gather your thoughts and meet some other peeps. This is perfectly natural! Being able to tell your travel buddy that you need some time alone without causing any awkwardness is the ultimate key! After all - travelling is about challenging one self and meeting a world of different people - don't be afraid to do this alone at times.

3. Learn to Love each other's 'Bad' sides

Yep. It's going to happen. Travelling with a buddy and spending every euphoric, amazing, scary & fu*cked up moment with each other is going to cause an array of emotions! Know your mate. Love your mate. And when your mate goes into 'breakdown' mode - give them some space (or love), grab them a beer and wait for the drama to die down.

4. Compromise

Travelling allows us to achieve our ultimate dreams. Remember that you and your friend may have different dreams. Your Bucket Lists may be a little different. Just remember that you are travelling 'together.' At times when you find yourself hiking up a mountain, sweating out the alcohol from the night before and dying for a lazy beach day - just remember how lucky you are to have a good friend to experience your adventures with.

5. NEVER play the 'blame' game

We all know it. Travel does not always go to plan. Planes are missed. Buses arrive late. Stuff gets stolen. Accommodation turns out be a sh*thole. Do not blame your mate for making the arrangements. Take a deep breath and remember that backpacking (and life in general) doesn't always go to plan - but you always seem to end up where you want to be.

6. Expect an argument

They say true friendship is measured not by the arguments had, but how the arguments are overcome. Expect them. Learn to overcome them. And say sorry (even if you don't mean it).

7. Budget

Eek! We all hate the talk but money tends to be the most common factor in travel buddy break ups. Ensure that you have a chat about how much your are expecting and wanting to pay for food, accommodation, travel & activities before you leave. Find a common ground. If you are dying to jump the Nevis Bungy but your mate doesn't have the cash - you both need to be ok separating ways for the day. If your mate likes to splurge on fancy dinners - agree to have a fancy dinner just once a week - find a common ground.

Have you got any more Travel Tips for us? Comment below!