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So we thought we would jump on the trend wagon... here are 59 Reasons staying and working at Base will ruin your life!

  1. Drinking is acceptable at all times of the day, every day. Enough said.
  2. You no longer understand the meaning of the term “shame”
  3. You thought Chuck Norris was a hero. But since meeting the staff at Base you now know there are bigger legends to worship
  4. You’ve learnt how to order a beer in 5 different languages
  5. Jager Bombs & Jars are now a part of your daily meal consumption
  6. You’ve become incredibly proficient in afternoon naps
  7. They say that travel teaches you that the less you have, the less you have to lose - this also applies to your dignity which is diminishing each and every day
  8. You’ve lost concept of time. It’s always beer o’clock
  9. You’re so used to sharing a room with other people. You will never be able to live without flatmates again.
  10. Your ability to enjoy 2 minute noodles is now non existent
  11. You’ve hooked up with one of the Base staff members (actually this hasn’t ruined your life... this is the best thing that has ever happened to you... you lucky, lucky legend!)
  12. You really should start looking for a job. After all you do have a working holiday visa and your cash is running low. But maybe tomorrow... today you're hungover as f*ck!
  13. You’ve forgotten how to cook. Your diet boils down to what Meal specials are on each day of the week
  14. You only know what day of the week it is by what’s happening at the bar. Wet T Shirt? Must be Thursday.
  15. Every time you Skype home your parents express their ‘concerns’
  16. This means that you NEVER leave the hostel. Not for sleep. Not for work. Only for Dominos.
  17. You’ve mastered the art of dorm room privacy with the use of a sheet
  18. Base is so unbelievably amazing that you will never enjoy another hostel ever again
  19. You no longer have a family. Base is your family
  20. Your Facebook news feed is cluttered with at least 5 different languages
  21. You’ve been featured naked on the hostel’s CCTV footage more than once
  22. If you hear the word “wedding” one more time you may just spew
  23. Every night is someone’s “leaving party”
  24. You’ve become an expert at Trivia
  25. Our staff are so awesome that your definition of “awesome” has now reached a level that is very rarely reached by most human beings
  26. You’re friends back home are close to deleting you from Facebook as they are sick of seeing how much fun you are having every night
  27. You’ve become immune to noise. You can sleep through anything
  28. You’ve forgotten what kind of salt, oil, jam, bread & pasta to buy. You score everything off the free food shelf
  29. Your parents are worried that you are drinking too much
  30. Your definition of going “home” has changed since you left for your travels
  31. There are too many places you want to visit... in such little time!
  32. Even if you decide to have a ‘night off’ drinking, you find yourself in the bar being persuaded with a Jager bomb
  33. You’ve entered in a Wet T Shirt competition more than once
  34. If you are a male – you’ve worn a lady’s dress more than once. And you enjoyed it.
  35. You feel nervous when you find yourself on your own and not surrounded by lots of people
  36. You’ve become an expert at making pasta
  37. You've also become an expert at making noodles even though you hate them
  38. You’ve moved into a long termer’s room. It’s almost like home
  39. You’ve met so many interesting people that you begin to question just how “cool” you thought you were
  40. The idea of routine scares you
  41. The idea of a 9 to 5 job with actual responsibility scares you
  42. You want to learn the guitar. Or the Ukulele. Or the harmonica. Or card tricks
  43. You’ve forgotten what an alarm clock is
  44. You’ve mastered wearing your underwear inside out to save your laundry money for a Jager Bomb
  45. You never want to go home. Ever!
  46. You’ve had so many hostel romances that a relationship of one month seems like a life time
  47. The staff at Base start introducing you to new arrivals during their orientation
  48. You’ve stayed in the city longer than you’d planned
  49. You’ve now got too many friends
  50. You’ve now got free accommodation in at least 30 different countries
  51. You wanted to become a doctor. Now you want to work at Base instead
  52. You’re brain has reformed in a way that you cannot possibly understand why anyone would not want to travel
  53. You’re having the best time of your life and you know that nothing in the world, and you mean nothing... climbing Mount Everest, sailing Croatia, partying in Ibiza, becoming the world’s greatest person at everything ever... will ever top your time at Base
  54. You’ve got no more space on your phone for photos
  55. You’ve finally got a tan
  56. You’ve become so good at making new friends that you can never get some ‘alone’ time
  57. You don’t want to fly home for Christmas. You want to spend it at Base
  58. You’ve become more open about where people should (and shouldn’t) engage in ‘intimacies’
  59. You know that you will never be completely at 'home' again, because a part of you will always be elsewhere, in Base, in people and in places. And you wouldn't have it any other way.