BUNGY Jumping New Zealand12:06 PM on Wed 15 Feb 2012

BUNGY Jumping around New Zealand

I have just returned from an awesome trip around New Zealand on the Kiwi Experience Bus. While on my trip, I decided I wanted to do as many Bungy Jumps as I could…..  Working at Base Backpackers Deffinitely has its advantages ;)

My first Jump was in Taupo at 47m.

taupo bungy 

To make it interesting, I jumped in reverse! I stood with my back to the jumping platform and went feet first down …. OMG the feeling of falling feet first was amazing.  As the Bungy cord tightened it flicked me head first and I went straight into the Waikato River - The highest water touch Bungy in NZ.


After my Taupo Bungy I knew I wanted to do all of them. The next stop for was the adventure capital of the world - Queenstown. I had 3 options in Queenstown, Kawarau Bridge, Nevis Bungy and the Ledge Bungy …. arrh lets do them all.

 The kiwi bus pulled into the AJ Hackett office located at the Kawarau Bridge Bungy jump - 43m high.

 They asked me if I wanted to go into the water - I told them to surprise me. This time I just dived straight of the platform … down I went head first, not only did I touch the water, I went half way in to the Kawarau River - AWESOME!!

It was now time to do my 3rd Bungy Jump at the Nevis Bungy 134M!.  This one scared me the, the 3rd biggest in the world, I’m not going to lie I was crapping my pants.


nevis bungy

I was the second to jump and as I sat down to get strapped into the gear, my heart was pounding.

I slowly walk over to the edge of the platform. WOW it looks so much bigger when you’re standing on the edge.

 1 2 3 BUNGY and off I went. 8 seconds of freefall head first to the bottom, IT WAS AWESOME !! The view was  breathtaking.

nevis bungy

Now for something NEW

The Ledge Bungy is a new style Bungy in Queenstown. You’re not tired by the feet, it’s around the chest, you’re free to run and jump off it any way you can imagine

I had always wanted to be superman when I was a kid, so I ran off the platform and dived into the air like superman, shame I wasn’t wearing a cape.

ledge bungy

Happy Jumping, come see me to book your next Jump!!

Josh Lowe

Base Auckland Travel Desk

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