manly beach

Whilst the Iconic Bondi is considered a ‘must do’ the reality is Sydney and it’s surrounds are home to some of the finest beaches in the world, and here are some of BASE Backpackers Fave’s!

Number 6: Manly

Across the bay, and only a short ferry ride from the Sydney CBD is Manly Beach. Pristine conditions, great nightlife and stunning scenery make it a ‘must visit’.

Number 5: Maroubra

The beach that rose to fame in the Iconic ‘Bra Boys’ documentary is also home to Australia’s surfing hotbed of talent with a unique beach surf lifestyle that typifies Australian Culture

Number 4: Garie

A one hour drive south of the Sydney CBD amongst a luscious nature park sits the stunning Garie beach. Home to amazing walking tracks, unique Australian flora & fauna as well as some of the best surf on the continent.

Number 3: Coogee

Bondi’s one ‘neglected’ little Cousin, Coogee has come into its own with some of the best bars in Sydney, Surf that rivals Bondi and a backpacker vibe as prevalent as anywhere else in Australia. Not to be missed!

Number 2: Palm Beach

Sydney’s most northerly beach is also home to some of its most stunning scenery, with an iconic heritage lighthouse and stunning surf conditions all year round.

And coming in at NUMBER 1: Clovelly

Once known as ‘Little Coogee’ and without the lustre of Bondi, or the surf ability of Manly and Coogee, Clovelly was once overlooked. Yet what it lacks in a surf culture it makes up for in some of the most stunning scenery to be found along Sydney’s beaches. With agreat cafe and bar lifestyle, Clovelly is without doubt a must do area to visit, with cliff views that stretch from Coogee in the south all the way up to Bondi in North.

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