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Sydney... the capital Sydney of New South Wales, is completely loaded with startling attractions, Instagram worthy architecture and stunning beaches. It’s an exceptional destination for holidaymakers who look forward to discovering astonishing places that are full of life and fun filled activities. This remarkable metropolis in New South Wales is the biggest city in Australia as well as the oldest. Its coastal location and high-end infrastructure are enough to indicate that it is one of the most beautiful cities in the country. It’s a very perky city with lovely people who offer amazing hospitality to holidaymakers. So get your camera ready and explore these 15 must see places to visit in Sydney and its surrounds.

1. Sydney Harbour Bridge
One of the most interesting attractions in Sydney is generally addressed by Sydneysiders as Coathanger, which is nothing but the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Built back in the year 1932, this exceptionally remarkable structure, is the largest and most dynamic steel arch bridge in the world. Accountable for transporting people and goods from Sydney Harbour’s north shore to south shore and vice versa, Sydney Harbour Bridge is undisputedly the lifeline of the city. If you're feeling brave and up for a once in a lifetime experience, check out BridgeClimb Sydney!

2. Shelly Beach
A local's secret! Located in Sydney’s Manly suburb, Shelly Beach is an impressive place to enjoy water sports and relax. It’s perfect place to enjoy the beauty of both turquoise and deep blue waters. If you love swimming and surfing, you must explore Shelly Beach. You can hire a snorkel from a local store in Manly Beach and spot for sea life!

3. Sydney Opera House
A UNESCO world heritage site, the Sydney Opera House is one of the most striking tourist attractions in the entire world. It’s a kind of tourist attraction which helps in enhancing the image of the city as well as the country in front of the outsiders. Tourists, who visit the city of Sydney, never go back without discovering the beauty of Sydney Opera House. The building itself is so attractive that you will feel like looking at it over and over again. The Opera House sits beautifully on a piece of land that is surrounded by water. This performing arts centre that includes multiple venues, was designed by Jorn Utzon, a Danish architect and it is one of the most opulent buildings of the 20th century.

4. Darling Harbour
One of the most popular points of interests in the city of Sydney, the Darling Harbour is home to stunning restaurants, shops, entertainment venues, and museums etc. This is the best place for family outings and it remains crowded throughout the year.

5. Queen Victoria Building
If you talk about the architecture of the city, you cannot avoid discussing Queen Victoria Building, that includes a huge central dome encompassing 20 domes with the smaller size. Its construction started back in 1893 and got over in the year 1898. Built with an intention of establishing a market hall, the building currently houses some 200 stunning shops.

6. Hyde Park
If you are looking forward to enjoying a day with fun-filled activities with your entire family including your children, you must go to a place called Hyde Park. It is situated in the middle of the central business district and consists of stunning picnic spots, marvelous lawns, and wonderful fountains etc. There's always loads of Events and Night Markets going on in Hyde Park. Check out our guide to Australia's Best Events here.

7. Royal Botanic Gardens
The Royal Botanic Gardens sits in the heart of the city at Farm Cove and is quite nearby the Sydney Opera House, one of the most interesting places in the New South Wales’ capital. The Royal Botanic Gardens is home to some of the most beautiful trees, unique plants and stunning shrubs in Australia. Whenever you get a chance to explore this place, make it sure that you never miss it.

8. St Mary's Cathedral
All those people who are too spiritual and love to spend their time in exploring religious places must visit St Mary's Cathedral Sydney which lies quite close to Hyde Park. It’s like if you are thinking of exploring Hyde Park, you can also explore St Mary's Cathedral or vice versa. Its peaceful atmosphere will force you to spend long hours here.

9. Macquarie Street
Macquarie Street is one of the most interesting areas in Sydney which remains home to some of the most stunning buildings and houses. This place includes a lot of government buildings which were designed by great architects, and some of them were even convicts. So, if you really want to explore a beautiful place, you must visit Macquarie Street once.

10. Chinatown
If you want to explore Chinese culture and food you must visit Chinatown which is located between Central Station and Darling Harbour. This is a place where you can explore delicious Asian food as it is home to several Asian restaurants. In addition to that, it is also a great place to buy stunning Chinese items. Don't forget to check out the Night Markets every Friday night!

11. Bondi Beach
Located at a distance of 7 kilometers from the popular Sydney central business district, it is a great place for beach lovers, who love to spend their time exploring the beauty of the sea under blue skies. Considering the fact that it is located quite close to the city of Sydney, locals love to explore this place frequently. One of our favourite things to do? The Bondi Beach to Coogee Beach walk is a must!

12. The Rocks
All those people who love exploring every nook and cranny of the city must visit an urban locality called The Rocks. Located on Sydney Harbour’s southern shore, The Rocks is one of the most popular tourist spots in the city which is explored by a wide number of people each day. Don't forget to stop by the night markets.

13. Taronga Zoo
If you are looking forward to connecting closely with quirky wildlife, Taronga Zoo is the perfect place for you. The zoo that is located in Mosman suburb on the shores of iconic Sydney Harbour, will allow you to explore all popular Australian animals. Tasmanian devil, tree-kangaroo, wombat, Galápagos tortoise, and Penguin etc., are some of the common animals that you can explore at Taronga Zoo.

14. The Australian National Maritime Museum
Located in Darling Harbour -one of the most interesting places in the city, the Australian National Maritime Museum is one of those few incredible museums which are governed by the federal government. Constructed on the ideas of developing a maritime museum, it was designed by Philip Cox and was opened back in 1991. This stunning museum consists of seven galleries which talk about the history and culture of Australian Aborigines, their connection with water, discovery of the country, and the country’s naval defense.

15. Sydney Olympic Park
Located in the western part of the city, the Sydney Olympic Park is an amazing venue for both cultural and sporting events. It lies at a distance of 16 kilometers from the Sydney central business district.That means when it comes to hosting a world-class sporting event or a cultural event, the Sydney Olympic park remains the first choice of organizers. A lot of new facilities were included in it for the 2000 Olympics.

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