gold coast australia

Nothing beats taking an afternoon walk along the beach with your trusty companion following a hard day's work. A Gold Coast man was spotted doing just that, but with just one alteration... a pet snake! The Aussie local was seen taking his pet snake for a little ocean swim at Tallebudgera Beach just south of Surfer's Paradise.

In true Aussie form, he is nursing a VB stubbie (for the non Australians, a beer) with one hand, whilst playfully throwing his snake in and out of the ocean with the other. Fellow beach goer caught the heart warming moment on Instagram.

In the video the man appears to be sharing a very special moment with his loyal friend, joyfully throwing his snake a meter or so away whilst waiting for him to slither back. The video concludes with a heart warming moment as the man lifts his snake into the sky in a motion that can only resemble that "Simba" moment from The Lion King, before planting a big lovely kiss on his snake friend's lips.

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