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Australia. Many of us arrive for just a short holiday, only to find ourselves completely in love with the country and doing all that we can to stay in this beautiful country forever and ever! The sunshine, the sights and the beaches, the people - Australia really is paradise. Although a little backward at times, it's a hard place to leave! Here are 15 tell tale signs that you have been in Australia for too long.

1. The day that Top Shop and H&M opened was the BEST day of your life!

2. You miss a good ‘Sausage’

3. You have learnt not to take offence to the “C word”

4. You are an expert at making 'Goon Hats'

5. You now know that riding a Kangaroo is not a feasible option

6. A four hour drive is NOTHING

7. You have Vegemite & Milo in your cupboard

8. ‘Thongs’ are accepted in all social situations

9. The word ‘Crisps’ is no longer in your dictionary

10. You have Avocado with everything

11. You no longer complain about the cost of EVERYTHING!

12. You’ve purchased a Surf Board and have used it twice

bondi beach sydney commons

By Athena Lao from Cambridge, MA, USA (IMG_1057Uploaded by berichard) [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

13. Bondi Beach is the last place you would want to be on Christmas Day

14. "12 Degrees? I'm freezing!"

15. You know that Koalas are not in fact, cute and cuddly!


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