Australia Vs New Zealand: The Great Debate03:04 PM on Wed 25 Jun 2014

Australia Vs New Zealand: The Facts

For those of us who have travelled Australia or New Zealand we have become aware of a constant battle (or banter) that has forever taken place between Kiwis (New Zealanders) and Aussies (Australians... if you hadn’t already picked up on that).

Both countries are a backpacker’s dream; beaches, weird animals, good looking locals and a relaxed “it’s all good” attitude. But it’s about time we solved the great debate – which country is better?

We have selected the Top 8 most controversial Kiwi VS Aussie Topics. Here’s the Facts:

1.      ‘Fush and Chups’

This is a back and forth, ongoing battle. Both Kiwis and Aussies make fun of each other’s accents. Aussies are accused of being lazy for shortening their words. For example, Afternoon = Arvo, Barbeque = Barbie, McDonalds = Maccas. Whilst Kiwis have a unique accent that causes confusion between ‘I’ & ‘U’ as well as ‘I’ & ‘E.’

FACT: We believe that each country has their own slang. However in the event that a Kiwi says ‘SEX’ when answering the question ‘How many sausages would you like?’ – we think the Aussies have one up on them!

WINNER: Australia

2.      Thongs Vs Jandals

Before you fall off your seat – a ‘Thong’ is slang for a form of footwear worn by most Aussies & New Zealanders. The ‘Flip Flop’ is a rubber shoe that is great for summer! You will find this form of footwear on every Kiwi & Aussies shoe rack. The Aussies use the term ‘ Thongs’ whilst the Kiwis use the term ‘Jandals.’ ‘Jandal’ is short for Japanese Sandal whilst the origins of the term ‘Thong’ are unknown.

FACT: New Zealand actually invented the rubber Flip Flop so the point must go to them.

WINNER  New Zealand

3.      Who eats more Meat Pies?

Both Kiwis and Aussies claim to be the Meat Pie capital of the world! The traditional meal at any sporting match in Australia is the Meat Pie, whilst McDonalds in New Zealand offer Meat Pies on their menu. The Meat Pie was once declared by a former Australian Premier as the ‘national dish,’ whilst in New Zealand it is recognised as a national dish.

FACT: On average, Australians consume 12 pies per year whilst neighbouring Kiwis consume 15 pies annually.

WINNER:  New Zealand

4.      Who has more Sheep?

Like the battle between Wales & England, Kiwis have forever been the centre of ‘sheep shagger’ jokes from the Aussies.

FACT Although there are more sheep per person in New Zealand (5 sheep for every person), Australia actually has more sheep! There are 110 million sheep in Aus whereas New Zealand has only 40 million.

WINNER  Australia

5.      Who invented the Pavlova?

For those of you who have yet to try a Pavlova – it is a meringue based cake filled with cream, fruit and goodies!  Ask a Kiwi or an Aussie who invented the delicious treat and each will provide an alternate answer.

FACT: The desert was named after Russian ballerina Ana Pavlova who toured both New Zealand & Australia. It has been claimed that a chef in Wellington invented the desert for her in 1926. She then stayed at a hotel in Perth where the Chef published a recipe for the treat a few years later which gave popularity and recognition. However, history dates the first ever pavlova to be made in New Zealand.

WINNER: New Zealand

6.      Australia has more dangerous animals

Australia is home to the most venomous animal on the planet – the Box Jellyfish... along with 93 types of poisonous snakes, 15000 species of spiders, the Crocodile, Dingos, scary birds such as the Emu & the Cassowary and who knew the Platypus was poisonous? New Zealand however has no poisonous snakes! The scariest creature is the native Kiwi bird the Kea – but he just likes to eat the rubber off car windows!

FACT: All of this is true. But as Australia seems to pull it off we thought we’d give them a point. Also they have the weird native animals: Koalas, Kangaroos, Wombats, Platypus, Emu... you get the picture.

WINNER Australia

7.   Which country has the best Landscape?

This is a hard one! New Zealand is centred on volcanic activity which makes for beautiful lakes, mountainous peaks & in Rotorua – bubbling bright orange, bright green & turquoise blue volcanic crater lakes. You will also stumble upon the south island’s Fiordlands & Sounds – stunning! Travelling the North Island and Abel Tasman you will also find some of the most amazing beaches: Hot Water Beach with 60 degree hot pools, black sandy beaches, golden sand & the surf beaches of Raglan & Gisborne.

Australia however is home to 2500km of Surf Coast from Melbourne to 1770 alone, the Great Barrier Reef, the big red rock in the centre, the rugged West Coast, the Tropics, over 8000 islands, the watering holes & waterfalls in the north & the red, sandy Outback.

FACT: Both countries are just as unique and beautiful as each other

WINNER: They both WIN!

8.      Who has the most ridiculous Place names?

Australia:  Humpybong, Mount Buggery, Poowong, Boing Boing, Cock Wash

New Zealand: Waipu (pronounced Why Poo),  Shag River, Pig Root and the longest place name in the world: Taumata whaka tangi hanga koauau o tamatea turi pukakapi ki maunga horo nuku poka i whenua kitana tahu

FACT: In Tasmania there is a town named ‘Nowhere Else.’ However, there is also a town called ‘Nowhere Else’ in South Australia. With two towns named ‘Nowhere Else’ Australia takes the cake!

WINNER: Australia


It’s a tie! Australia & New Zealand will forever be in battle. Banter, giving someone sh*t, being a smart arse  or pulling someone’s leg is a form of friendly communication that should not be taken the wrong way. Aussies & Kiwis are, after all, neighbours.

Both countries, although different to one another, are unique and unlike anywhere else in the world. 

What do you think? Leave your Comments below. 

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Choice bro!

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NZ IS BETTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

mE: 10:16 AM, Fri 05 Dec 2014
NZ IS BETTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Where is new Zealand??????

paddy : 12:13 PM, Thu 19 Feb 2015
NZ IS THA BEST!!! Aussie can like my balls

paddy : 12:13 PM, Thu 19 Feb 2015
NZ IS THA BEST!!! Aussie can like my balls

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fuck australia lol

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