20 Things You Can Only Do In Australia02:26 PM on Mon 16 Jun 2014
From the world's largest sand island, to the most venomous animal on the planet - here's our Top 15 unique Aussie experiences...

1.    Walk around the world's largest single rock

Image: Facebook / Northern Territory 

2.   Swim in one of the 7 Wonders of the World 

Image: Facebook / Tourism Australia 

3.   Ride a Kangaroo - just kidding! This doesn't actually happen. 

4.   Learn how to make a Goon hat

5.   Visit the most isolated city in the world - Perth

Image: www.trekearth.com 

6.   Ride a Camel in the Outback 

Image:  Facebook / Northern Territory 

7.   Say hello to the world's most poisonous animal - the Box Jellyfish 

8.     Drive a 4WD on the world's largest sand island - Fraser Island! 

9 .     Cuddle a Koala

10.     Wear Thongs in public

11.  Swim with Whale Sharks

Image: www.perthnow.com.au

12. Eat the country’s national emblem

13. Learn to play the Didgeridoo

Image:  Facebook / Northern Territory 


14. Take a photo of the oldest living organism on the planet – the Stromatolites 

15. Visit Cassius – the largest crocodile in captive – on Green Island 

16.   Stand next to a giant Sheep

17.    Attend the world's largest muster of Utes

18.    Catch a glimpse of an iconic landmark that was originally modelled on an Orange

19.     Watch an AFL Game

20.   You Tell Us? What else in Australia can you do that cannot be done anywhere else? 

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