Base Backpackers, Base, XBase...

Who are we?

Base is an exciting, fresh new approach to budget style accommodation. Base will raise the bar by setting super high standards and new levels of service in backpacker hostels. How you might ask? Simple. By going back to base-ics. By doing the little things better and the big ones, well ... HUGE! Every member of our team is a well travelled, experienced backpacker. We live and breathe this industry and we like to think we know what your customers expect - although we are not afraid to say, like you, we learn new things every day. It's not rocket science, just common sense. If we wouldn't stay there, we wouldn't expect our customers to stay. As our travellers change and adapt, we like to think base will be right there amongst it all, leading the charge.

We plan to change the way people feel about budget accommodation. We will adopt high service standards, innovative services and uphold the spirit of young and free independent travellers.

Welcome to the new revolution. Climb aboard, hold on tight and enjoy the ride.

It's backpacking ... but not as we know it.

Why the X logo?

Do you remember as a kid seeing those treasure maps?

The maps explorers, adventurers, pirates and the like would use! Invariably they require the bearer to cross oceans, traverse vast lands and climb mountains on an epic adventure, the destination marked by a red X... 'X marks the spot.'

If you're reading this in one of our hostels or on our website, you've become that adventurer. You have crossed or will soon cross the oceans, travelled through and around vast countries in search of whatever it is you hope to gain from your trip. While you didn't travel all this way to stay at Base, we do hope that you'll find base a great place to stay, run by like minded people and in an environment where you'll feel at home.

In this respect our 'X' does mark the spot where you'll find what you're looking for in a truly great hostel experience.

We never intented the X to be part of our name but it seems that travelers have decided that X Base was just as cool as just Base or Base Backpackers, we don't mind, whatever leads backpackers from around the world to our hostels works for us!

Happy travels!

How do we get the best staff?

Many of the Base crew started off just like you - a backpacker. In fact our first CEO returned from a trip overseas to open his first hostel in 1987.

Working in this environment and with the Base crew can be rewarding, fun and, well... different. People working at a hostel get to deal with all levels of customer service and operations - while staff in hostels tends to get pigeon holed into "front office" or "housekeeping" etc.

We find the best recruits are our customers. They know what travellers want, what they love and what they don’t like and most importantly they keep us fresh and on our toes.

If you have a travel, hospitality, bar, restaurant, accounting or sales background and you’re interested, then contact us we’d love to hear from you – in fact why don’t you just email us anyway, regardless of what you’ve done.

Happy Days!